Le Farnete Winery

Between the wine yards and olive trees of Carmignano

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Le Farnete Estate is located in the town of Carmignano, near Firenze. It covers a surface of 100 acres in the Carmignano docg zone and it is of Pierazzuoli Family since 1990. Products of the Estate are Carmignano DOCG, and extra virgin olive oil Le Farnete plus of course Barco Reale doc di Carmignano and Carmignano docg Reserve.

bando-ducale-le-farneteMedici’s Law

Duke Cosimo III de’ Medici in 1716 made a public notification in order to declare that the wine areas  of the zone of ( Chianti – Carmignano ) were allowed to go by sea and be commercialized . This can be considered the first example in the world of Denomination of Controlled Origin  ( it anticipated of about a century the French AOC ) it established the first licence of the quality of Carmignano, only three other Tuscan areas had the same denomination ( the Chianti, Pomino and Valdarno Superiore). The notification was composed of two pages: in the first page are identified the geographic borders of the production zone, while in the second page are specified the rules for the production and the  wine making for the wines that are “ able to go by sea” in other words that could be exported in the 700 from the Medici family towards England.  Carmignano is the only DOCG of Italy that is obliged to use Cabernet Sauvignon since a  the 700 the Carmignano was made with the blend Sangiovese and “ French Wine” which was Cabernet Sauvignon.


The wine yard of the Farnete estate extend for 11 hectares and are exposed South / south-east which is particularly indicated for the riping of the Sangiovese and of the Cabernet Sauvignon. From these wine yards that have an age that goes from 10 to 40 years produce the wines of the Le Farnete Estate, Barco Reale doc of Carmignano, Carmignano docg and Carmignano docg Rserve .
1 hectar of the wine yards is dedicated to the Aleatico which has been planted in 2007 and it give origin to the wine Ljatico Aleatico Rosso Passito igt. ( sweet wine)

cantine-le-farneteWine Cellar

The cellars of the Le Farnete estate are partially buried and have a premises for maturing wood, both barrique and tonneaux, with controlled humidity and temperature, and a place for the vinification in stainless low tanks with a section provided of temperature control and an implant for the micro oxygenation . In oder to obtain an elegant and quality packaging, the Le Farnete estate has it’s own bottling convey with vacuum  corking and each bottle  labelling.   The refining in bottle is made throughout the production, for a period of time depending on the type of wine. The refining is made in rooms with controlled temperature and without any light, lying the bottle in appropriate  stainless containers . The bottles will be packed according only when the order requires it checking the bottles out and excluding the ones that present defects.

oliveti-le-farneteOlive grove

The olive trees are spread throughout  15 hectars at an altitude of 150 meters  above s.l.  and are on tufaceous soils rich of limestones. The weather and the exposition make this area particularly fit for the high quality olive growth like Frantoio and Moraiolo. Nature and climate  are the “ secret” ingredients of the “Extra virgin olive oil Le Farnete” .  Man puts only at the end his hand on the product following the strict rules  such as: cultivation, harvesting, pressing, filtrating and bottling . At the Tenuta Farnete the harvesting is done between the first week of October and the first 20 days of November. The time lease that passes between the harvest and the pressing is minimum ( as only after 4 hours from the harvest, the olive starts to ferment ) that is why the olives a brought directly to our mill  located in the Tenuta Cantagallo, this guarantees the high quality of the extra virgin Oil of the Tenuta Farnete.

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