Le Farnete EVO Oil

100% italian extravergin olive oil

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The nature of the soil, the exposure and the climate which is characterized in the temperature differences between winter and summer make the Carmignano zone  an extremely adaptable  for the high quality  olive production. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Le Farnete is made in a 10 Hectars space where the species of Frantoio and Moraiolo are grown at an altitude of approximately 150mt on see level on  Tufaceous soils rich of  Limestones .

We obtain and oil that has a very low tartness due to the fact that we start harvesting in early November and is also very fruity and it has a very intense green colour which is ideal for the cooking and for seasoning meat,  starchy food, vegetable, “pinzimoni” (vegetable dip) and pulses.


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