In the environs of the farm

Places of Interest in the Surroundings of Florence and of Agriturismo Cantagallo

The estate Tenuta Cantagallo, with its Agriturismo (holiday farmhouse) and Osteria, is situated in Capraia e Limite and covers a surface of 500 acres, in the heart of Montalbano, amid the Tuscan hills that from the Apennines slope down towards the sea.
The Montalbano area, encompassed between the provinces of Florence, Pistoia and Prato, is with full rights included in the list of protected natural areas of Tuscany, thanks to its gentle hills full of vineyards and olive groves. The guests of Tenuta Cantagallo can choose among the numerous activities organized at Agriturismo Cantagallo or nearby and they can also visit the environs of the estate.

Capraia is an old village perched on a rock dropping sheer to the river Arno. Its panoramic position, its narrow streets and its castle have made its fortune over the centuries. The visit is recommended to those who love medieval atmospheres and architecture.
In Montelupo Fiorentino and in the Montalbano area, handicraft traditions of the Middle Ages are still prosperous and kept alive by master craftsmen: ceramic and clay moulding artefacts are exposed in the Archaeological Museum and of Ceramics of Montelupo Fiorentino.
The town of Vinci is famous in the whole world as the birth place of Leonardo Da Vinci. Admirers of the Renaissance genius can visit the house were he was born in Anchiano and the Museo Leonardiano of Vinci.
The village of Carmignano, homeland of the renowned wine Barco Reale, is the ideal destination for archaeology lovers willing to visit ancient tombs of the Etruscan aristocracy. Since antiquity, Carmignano was frequented by the Medici family that built there numerous Medicean villas.

Montalbano is right in the middle of Tuscany and it is thus easy to reach from it all the main towns of the region: Florence (at 25 km), Pisa (at 50 km), Siena (at 50 km), Lucca (at 60 km) and Livorno (at 70 km).

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