Photo gallery of Agriturismo Cantagallo and Osteria Cantagallo

The most beautiful photos of our holiday farmhouse with its panoramic view of the Tuscan hills and of our restaurant with its delicious dishes of the Tuscan cuisine.

Browse our farmhouse photo gallery with pictures of the farm Tenuta Cantagallo in Tuscany, near Florence, and of the holiday farmhouse with its panoramic view of the Tuscan countryside, and its swimming-pool. A virtual tour of its holiday lettings, with private gardens for the guests and the playground for the children. The photo gallery displays photos of restaurant Osteria Cantagallo as well, with its rustic furniture in the typical Tuscan style and the traditional dishes of the Tuscan cuisine.

exterior restaurant
women’s day
romantic cave
the fireplace
panoramic view of the restaurant room
a laid table
appetizer table
central table
panoramic view 02
terrace with panoramic view
olive trees
children playground
5-a-side football ground
panoramic view
pergola 02
front view of the farmhouse 02
front of the farmhouse
Aerial view
18 Diciotto IGT
Barrique Cantagallo
Barriques Cantagallo
Winecellar Cantagallo
Montalbano Map
Dario Pierazzuoli 01
Dario Pierazzuoli 02
Dario Pierazzuoli 03
Enrico Pierazzuoli 01
Cantagallo Olive
Gioveto IGT
Gioveto Cantagallo
Vinsanto Riserva
Laudemio Cantagallo
Oliveyard Cantagallo
Chianti Montalbano
Riserva Chianti
Montalbano Riserva
Cantagallo Winery
Montalbano Zone
Trebbiano Vinsanto
Vineyard Castra
Vineyard Colorino
Vineyard Palazzina
Cantagallo Wines
Montalbano Wines
Eco Farming
Medici's Law
Medici's Law
Winery Le Farnete
Barrique Le Farnete
Enrico e Dario Pierazzuoli
Dario Pierazzuoli Le Farnete
Boschetti Vineyard
Sottovilla Vineyard
Dario Medici's Law
Carmignano Vineyard
Sorbo Vineyard
Enrico Pierazzuoli
Barco Reale Alex Averin
Dario Le Farnete
Le Farnete Oil
Le Farnete wines
Barco Reale DOC
Carmignano DOCG
Carmignano DOCG Riserva
Ljatico Passito
Farnete Oil