Wine Cellar

At the end of the grapes picking all the process of wine making continues in the Cellars of Cantagallo Estate.
The space for the  wine mellow is made in our barrique room with temperature and humidity control  located in an old water tank. An old cellar has been equipped for wine making with low inoxidizable  tanks, with a large section with temperature control and an implant for the micro oxygenation . The bottling plant is one of the best and it permits to  bung a bottle under vacuum , and to wash the bottle and lay the label all on line. The wine refining in bottles is made in  dark rooms with controlled temperature and the bottles are located in inoxidizable containers. The “Vinsantaia” is the place where the grapes are hung and the grapes can dry-out for the production of our Millarium Vinsanto of Chianti Montalbano Reserve.